Which Colour of Yamaha FZs V3 is Best

Yamaha FZs V3 BS6 metallic red colour is the best colour when compared to other colours. Even matt black will also look good but , when you keep both bikes side by side then Red colour dominates the matt black version.

Yamaha FZs V3 is available in 5 different colours, they are metallic red, matt black, dark matt blue, grey and cyan blue, and dark knight.

If you want me to rank them colour wise, then the order follows like this 

  1. Metallic Red
  2. Matt Black
  3. Dark Matt Blue
  4. Dark Knight
  5. Grey and Cyan Blue.

If you want to buy the Dark Knight version then you have to pay another 1500 Rs extra to the dealer. The main difference between dark night and matt black is just colour of stickering. 

Both colours look good, and if you don’t know which one to choose then my personal recommendation will be the Matt Black version.

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