Local Bike Mechanic or Authorized Service Centre for Bike Servicing

This is the most common problem for every bike owner that where should we do our bike servicing, local mechanic, or authorized bike service center who is preferable? We don’t have this problem until we have free services in our bike dealership. Once the free services complete then the question arises. Here is my view on bike servicing with local mechanic vs authorized service center.

Local Mechanic Vs Authorized Service Centre

⭐️  I prefer the authorized service center, even though it charges more when compared to a local mechanic, I always prefer my bike servicing at an authorized service center only.

Because in every authorized service center the mechanics are trained to deal with that particular brand motorcycles. Until the bike stops in the middle of the road, in remaining times especially for servicing it is better to visit your authorized service center.

🤔  In general what we do?  when the free services complete then we will buy engine oil and other spare parts advised by a local mechanic in any local automobile shop and we will hand over our bike to that mechanic for servicing. Here the cost of the servicing might be less but the mental pressure will be high.

Because no mechanic can know exactly what our bike needs until they open it completely, so whenever they open our bike they will tell to bring some other extra spare parts. But in authorized service centers, all the spare parts will be available with them.  So they will use them as per the requirements.

Local mechanic vs service center

But here the problem with some service centers they will use spare parts without any requirements. But nowadays most of the service centers are handing over the old spare parts which are replaced, so you don’t need to worry about this. If your service center is not giving the replaced parts then just avoid them and choose another good service center.

Another major problem with local mechanic servicing is we don’t get 100% satisfaction with our bike servicing, because they always leave some works pending due to lack of spare parts, or lack of water washing facilities, etc. But in authorized service centers once the service in over then we will get 100% satisfaction, but it costs some bucks. But remember quality comes at the cost.

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