5 Important Points to Consider Before Buying a Bike Helmet

As we all know wearing a helmet is the basic responsibility of every bike rider in India. A helmet can save your life. So buying a right helmet is always an important thing for the bike riders. There are so many popular helmet brands in India and at the same time, there are some duplicate helmets which we can see on the roadside. Here we have listed 5 important points to consider before buying a bike helmet.

1. ISI Mark

ISI mark is developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Whenever a product is marked with ISI then it means that the products fulfill all the requirement as per Bureau of Indian Standards. So whenever you are going to buy an helmet then the first thing you need to check is whether the helmet is ISI marked or not. We can get non-ISI marked helmets at the low price but don’t buy such helmets. Always go for a reputed branded helmet.

2. Brand

There are so many duplicate branded bike helmets are available in India. We don’t know whether they have ISI approved or not. Some duplicate companies use ISI logos without any approval. So always buy a branded helmet. Here are the top 10 helmet brands in India. Always prefer to buy the helmets of below brands.

  1. Vega
  2. Studds
  3. Steelbird
  4. LS2
  5. Wrangler
  6. Royal Enfield
  7. Aerostar
  8. THH
  9. Shoei
  10. HJC

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3. Size

Size of the helmet is very important. If the helmet doesn’t fit your head then it may not protect you during accidents. So always buy the helmet as per your head size. Bike helmets are generally available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Whenever you are buying a helmet in offline there you can check it but when you buy a helmet in online and if it doesn’t fit then you can return the helmet and buy the correct size helmet.

Size Vega Studds Steel Bird Royal Enfield
Small (S) In cm 55 – 57 57 54 – 56 55-57
In mm 550 -570 570 540 – 560 550 – 570
Medium (M) In cm 57 – 59 58 56 – 58 57 – 59
In mm 570 – 590 580 560 – 580 570 – 590
Large (L) In cm 59 – 61 60 58 – 60 59 – 60
In mm 590 – 610 600 580 – 600 590 – 600
Extra Large (XL) In cm 61 – 63 60 – 62
In mm 610 – 630 600 – 620

 4. Full Face Helmets

Always prefer to buy full face helmets, because they cover your entire face and in case of any accident they not only protect your head they also protect your face. Even though you love to wear open face helmets it is advisable to have spare full face helmet and use it during long drives and on high ways.

5. Don’t Compromise on Price

Don’t be kanjoos while buying a helmet, treat buying a helmet is like an investment and don’t buy helmets just for the namesake.

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